The Focus Hub

App concept, prototype en video


  • Master’s Thesis Graduation Product
    Master Media Innovation, Breda University


  • Videografie
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping


  • App prototype
  • Product video

Over het project


The Focus Hub is a multi-platform distraction-free learning environment application. The application allows users to input large amounts of information in the form of text, videos, sounds and images which the app then automatically divides into microclasses that last about 10-15 minutes. The application is a multi-platform distraction-free focus hub combining effective productivity tools, using microproductivity tasks.



The ways in which the Focus Hub is distraction-free, is that (1) the application goes into airplane mode once a class has been started and (2) it is possible to study in the Focus Hub with a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display, isolating the user from the outside world. Next to that, the Focus Hub aims to keep classes short, so that students will stay focused while using the application to study.

Het team

Video: Nieya van Nie
Concept: Nieya van Nie



A multi-platform learning environment

An interactive prototype for the Focus Hub application has been developed for potential users to test the application’s functionalities. The full prototype is currently only available as a mobile version and was developed using Adobe XD. Not all of the functionalities work, such as inputting data via a keyboard or clicking on certain buttons, but the prototype aims to give a general overview of the application and its functionalities.


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